Cultivating the best employees, one strawberry at at time

After 15 years in business it would be an understatement to say the woman with the strawberry tattoo on her forearm loves these juicy red berries. She knows a thing or two about planting strawberries and also, I’m discovering, about employee engagement. Strawberry picking season requires an incredible amount of work. To run smoothly every year, Angie and her husband Darren rely on local teenagers to help plant, weed, pick and also act as customer service ambassadors during peak season.

When harassment is hidden behind conference doors.

This article contains references to sexual harassment/assault. If you are healing from your own trauma you may be triggered by this story.

I did not include people's names in this post because I will not publicly shame anyone and I do not wish to provoke an online attack. Change will not be accomplished by projecting shame and provoking defensiveness.

The first six months: an entrepreneurial manifesto

On Oct. 1, 2018 I started my own business.

Self-employment means I can travel to visit my fiancé and bring my work with me. I can spend an afternoon with my grandma without losing vacation hours. I plan my days to include time for morning coffee on my patio (seasonally of course). And I can say with absolute honesty that I have not had one moment where I have questioned my decision.

I If I was an “influencer” with grandiose promises of how to become an overnight millionaire, these are the things I would focus on. And while these things are true, I would be lying by omission if I left out the rest.

For some brands, every day is international women's day

I struggle with this day because it’s easy for women like me to celebrate the day (especially online) without much substance behind our posts. This morning I received eight emails from brands “celebrating” IWD with sales and specials. I guess the fact that female genital mutilation still exists in parts of the world means I should get 40% off boots? (Okay, I’m being a tad facetious here...but I really did get an email coupon for 40% off boots to celebrate IWD.)

The one he saved

My nephew Luke is seven years old and this story of his first time playing goalie on his hockey team made my heart so happy and reminded me of the valuable lesson in personal pride.