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employee alignment 

Do your employees love coming to work?

When your employees love walking through your doors, so will your customers. A happier, healthier workforce produces a happier, healthier bottom line. And that’s good news for everyone!

  • We’ll start with an internal communication audit to determine what works, what doesn’t and what’s holding you back.

  • From there, we’ll create an internal communication strategy that directly supports your business goals and outcomes.

  • I’ll guide the implementation of your strategy to ensure all of our tactics are fully deployed like a stealth military unit (but way more safe…and fun).

  • We’ll review measurement tools so you know this was all worth it.

workplace culture

Who’s in charge around here anyway?

A fish stinks from the head down and if your employees aren’t happy, it’s probably your fault. Fear not! We’ll work together to dissect the issues, transform your workplace into one built on honesty and trust, and get systems in place so you AND your staff are fulfilled at work.

  • Tools to build leaders on your team

  • Proven performance building system

  • Meeting formats that foster honesty and openness (transparency is a conspiracy)