“Acknowledge the quality of your work based on the depth of exchange that it creates.”
— Chani Nicholas

Shiny Happy People


Working with Kristin has been fantastic. She brings that important combination of creativity and flawless execution. Not only was she able to capture my voice across multimedia platforms, she upped my game in how I approached my marketing and communications efforts. I highly recommend Kristin if you’re looking for high quality communications work to support your business.

— Angee linsey, managing director (linsey careers)

Kristin is a pro at communications for a lot of reasons, but one stands out to me as rare and paramount - charisma. There is a delicate balance between knowing what needs to be communicated and why anyone would actually care. Kristin's people skills help her execute on communications strategies in a way that ensures the message is actually received, not just transmitted, which is becoming a rarity in our fast-paced, screen-filled world.

— rocky walls, ceo (12 stars media)

I volunteered with Kristin on the executive board of a professional association. She's a natural leader and a great communicator. She brings an infectious energy to all our meetings and events. Things happen when she's around and that's a quality you want to keep and cultivate.

— sylvie laurencelle-vermette, past president (iabc manitoba)

Without a doubt, Kristin knows how to engage a room. She’s warm, she’s dynamic, she has a clear point of view, and she understands the art of communication. Aside from being a natural public speaker, Kristin offered something this is usually missing from other presentations - she brought us along on her personal journey. Most speakers have a tendency to think in broad strokes or examine case studies, but Kristen’s presentation told a story. She offered context, walked us through her thought process, explained solutions that helped her overcome challenges, and shared her unique experience.   It was a truly personalized presentation with heart, wit, and substance. She is everything you could ask for in a presenter.!

— rivka parris, internal communications manager and conference attendee